Dak Lak


Ea Kao Lake

Located only 12km to the Southeast of Buon Ma Thuot City, Ea Kao Lake is a tourism site constructed in a large scale. Full of unique and exhilarating features, Ea Kao Lake is a modern sight full of the traditional essences. Ea Kao Lake Tourism Site has an area of 120 ha. The topography is […]

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Yang Prong Cham Tower

The only Cham Tower in Central Highlands (Tay Nguyen), Yang Prong Tower is situated in Ea Sup District, 100km away from Buon Ma Thuot. It was built at the end of the 13th century to worship the God Siva (also called Mukhalinga) to wish for a peaceful and happy life. As we can see nowadays […]

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Buon Ma Thuot City

Located at a height of 536 m, Buon Ma Thuot is the capital of Dak Lak Province and also the biggest city in Central Highlands (Tay Nguyen). The city has a calm, cool weather during the year, with an average temperature of 23oC. In the language of the E-de ethnic people, Buon Ma Thuot (or […]

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